Bridal Shower


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So, the day finally comes that I can show off my new found talent for my cousin’s bridal shower.  This was the reason I took the class right???  I decided I wanted to make cupcakes and a small cake.  I knew this wasn’t an easy task to take on, but I wanted to make this perfect.  I started out a week in advance and what a task this became.  In the end, I was so glad for it to be over, but I loved every minute of this week long process. Best of all, my cousin was completely surprised and she was thrilled with what I did!



Birthday Cake


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Right before my last cake class, I was asked to do a special cake for my mom and my best friends mother for their “shared” birthday party. I, of course, could not turn down a chance to make a cake with my new found talent.   I decided the cake was going to be a three layer yellow cake with a strawberry filling.  I then decided I was going to decorate it with a chocolate frosting basket weave, strawberries and fondant roses.   Since I didn’t learn the “basics” of cake decorating, I looked online for some video to help me out with the basket weave technique.  I don’t think it turned out too bad for my first attempt at a cake this big and with this much detail!

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Cake Class


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After doing some research at my local A.C. Moore, I found out that they were having a fondant class in the month of May.  So, frantically I talked my friend Laura into taking the class with me. We signed up for the class and began purchasing all of the supplies that we needed for the class.

We arrived at the class with all our equipment ready to learn… little did we know.. we should have taking classes 1 and 2 before the 3rd class dealing with fondant.. but thankfully our whole class of 4 people were in the same boat and she agreed to teach the class anyway!

We take the 4 week class and learned how to make all the cool flowers I posted below:

We also learned how to make this really cool, OK so mine is not that great and it was NOT fun making this stupid thing, bow:

Then.. the final week of class we were to bring in a cake to cover with fondant and decorate.  This was quite a task since I was the only person in the class that brought in a cake.  So, our instructor and I worked on my cake together and came up with this

It really isn’t the best looking cake, but we had so much fun in the class and learning the techniques that I decided to actually keep using my skills and start working on a cake for my Cousin Sarah.

The next baking experience…


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Since I have been on hiatus after the first two posts, I have a lot to catch up on!

So… after thinking over baking experiences, I remember the next one was the Easter the following year.  I decided since I had so much fun making the Halloween cupcakes, I would do something fun for the Easter Egg hunt at the firehouse.  So… back to the internet I went.  After a few grueling hours of research and getting sidetracked with Facebook or something like that… I finally found cupcakes that would be perfect!  I got all the supplies together and started making….

these little adorable cupcakes! The kids LOVED them and they were the first ones to go off the tray 😉

Once I realized that I really was enjoying decorating cupcakes, I decided that since  my cousin Sarah’s was getting married, I would  take a fondant class and surprise her with a spectacular bridal shower cake… so the real journey began…

My baking adventure starts


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Good evening everyone! I am so happy to finally have some time to tell you how I started baking…

It all started a few years ago when I was wasting time on-line and found these cupcakes that looked like monsters.  As Halloween was fast approaching, I was DYING to make these!  Thankfully, we had started a tradition with our volunteer fire company where we hand out cupcakes, candy, hot chocolate and fruit punch, in the square of our town, so this was a perfect opportunity to try these out! So, my mom and I got all the ingredients and I started making them….It was A LOT of trial and error, but the end product…


was such a hit that they were gone in no time! I was so happy and proud of these creations…. my passion for baking began..